Meeting attendance

Tuesday 28th July, 2020 7.00 pm, Audit and Governance Committee

Venue:   Please note that this meeting be held virtually on Zoom

Contact:    William Troop
Tel: (01279) 502173 Email:

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Mark Pope Chairman Present
Councillor Angela Alder Committee Member Present
Councillor Louie Corpe Committee Member Present
Councillor Rishi Fernando Committee Member Present
Councillor Andrew Huggins Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Tony Stowe Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor Alastair Ward-Booth Committee Member Present
Councillor Alexander Curtis Substitute Present as substitute
Councillor Mione H Goldspink Guest In attendance
Helen Standen Officer In attendance
Lorraine Blackburn Officer In attendance
Ruth Luscombe Officer In attendance
Peter Mannings Officer In attendance
Ashok Mistry Officer In attendance
Bob Palmer Officer In attendance
Alison Street Officer In attendance
William Troop Officer In attendance
Nick Jennings Guest In attendance
Simon Martin Guest In attendance
Nazeer Mohammed Guest In attendance
Richmond Nyarko Guest In attendance
Suresh Patel Guest In attendance