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We the undersigned petition the Council to to protect the unique and outstanding landscape of the area north of Bengeo, known locally as Bengeo Field, for the whole community of Bengeo and Hertford. We ask that the East Herts District Council reject any further residential development, which would also place further stress on the local infrastructure with regards to highways, wastewater drainage, local health services, and schools.

We believe Bengeo Field needs to be protected from further development to prevent the destruction of a beautiful landscape that is much loved and utilised by the community. This area provides a much valued amenity thanks to the highly popular Byway 1. The pathway through Bengeo Field, which passes by the Lonely Oak, is extremely popular and surveys provide evidence that increasing numbers of people use it for a variety of activities. The unique views it offers to walkers across Rib Valley makes it imperative that we preserve this locally important landscape, which was described as having exceptional value by the Landscape Officer of Hertfordshire County Council. The landscape was also found to be of outstanding value by the Planning Inspector at the Planning Inquiry which rejected minerals extraction: "These landscapes are especially important as a foil to urban settlements [..] I consider that the appeal site is a landscape resource and visual amenity of considerable importance because of its proximity to the urban area." It seems contrary to that finding to allow residential development to destroy the same landscape.

This ePetition ran from 05/09/2022 to 15/11/2022 and has now finished.

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