Committee details

Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

7.2.2   The primary purpose of the committee is to improve the delivery of policies and services. Its terms of reference are the performance of all overview and scrutiny functions on behalf of the Council and as set out in section 9F of the Local Government Act 2000, summarised below, to:

(i)                review and scrutinise decisions made or actions taken in connection with the discharge of any of the Council’s functions;

(ii)             agree reports and make recommendations to the Council and the Executive in connection with the discharge of any functions;

(iii)           consider any matter affecting the area or its inhabitants;

(iv)           members of the Executive and officers about their views on issues and proposals affecting the area;

(v)             liaise with external organisations operating in the area, whether national, regional or local, to ensure the interests of local people are enhanced by collaborative working;

(vi)           exercise the right to ‘call in’ for reconsideration of decisions made but not yet implemented by the Executive, in accordance with the rules set out in this Constitution;

(vii)        consider any matter which has been placed on the agenda of the committee by any member of the committee in accordance with the rules of procedure in this Constitution;

(viii)      act as the Crime and Disorder Committee for the purposes of section 19 of the Police and Justice Act 2006;

(ix)           undertake consideration of such matters that will be key decisions where the Executive requests the Committee to scrutinise the matter in advance of an the decision being taken. This relates to matters that are of particular interest to the committee, for example, decisions to be made on significant place making projects;

(x)             review current service delivery models (the council’s own and those of the council’s partners) with a view to identifying gaps, exploring innovative solutions to delivery issues;

(xi)           review draft strategies; and

(xii)        consider issues or functions in which Members feel they could shape future policy.


7.2.3   For specific issues, the above work can be carried out by task and finish groups, which will be appointed and managed by the committee.  These groups will draw upon the knowledge and expertise of all Members of the Council.


7.2.4   Holding the Executive to Account


The Overview and Scrutiny Committee will hold the Executive to account for the discharge of its functions.  The principal ways by which it will do this are as follows:


(i)                scrutinising decisions which the Executive is planning to take, as set out in the Forward Plan or of which proper notice is given (including decisions referred to it in accordance with paragraph 6.6.2 of Chapter 6);

(ii)          scrutinising decisions of the Executive and individual Executive Members before they are implemented and if necessary using the ‘call-in’ mechanism to require the decision taker to reconsider the earlier decision; and

(iii)        scrutinising decisions of the Executive or Executive Members after they have been implemented as part of a wider review.


Contact information

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