Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Executive is charged with the overall political direction of the Council, providing clear and accountable leadership and recommending policies to the Council.  The Executive comprises 8 Members including the Leader of the Council.  The Leader is responsible for appointing Executive Members and allocating portfolio areas of responsibility.


All decisions made by the Executive are published in the Executive Decision Sheets, as soon as possible after the meeting.  They cannot be implemented until 5 working days from publication have elapsed.  This period allows for any decision to be called-in by Members when the Call-in procedure applies.


Key decisions are taken by the Executive only after a Notice of Key Decisions is published within the Forward Plan at least 28 days before the meeting.


Various non-key decisions are made by Executive Members under delegated authority.  These decisions are subject to the same call-in procedures as key decisions taken by the Executive collectively. (See Executive Non-Key Decisions )


There are a number of matters on which the Executive is not allowed, by law, to take decisions.  For example, decisions on planning applications cannot be taken by the Executive.  The Council has therefore established the Development Management Committee to deal with development control matters. 


Executive meetings are webcast – details can be found here.



Contact information

Support officer: Katie Mogan. Tel: (01279) 502172 Email: