Committee details

Standards Committee

Purpose of committee

7.4.1                     The Standards Committee has the following functions:


(a)            to promote and maintain high standards of conduct of Members and Co-opted Members of the Council;

(b)            to advise and assist Town and Parish Councils and Councillors to maintain high standards of conduct and to make recommendations to Town and Parish Councils on improving standards or actions following a finding of failure by a Town and Parish Councillor to comply with its Code of Conduct;

(c)             to manage complaints on behalf of Town and Parish  Councils;

(d)            to advise the Council on the adoption or revision of the Members’ Code of Conduct;

(e)            to receive referrals from the Monitoring Officer into allegations of misconduct in accordance with the council’s assessment criteria;

(f)              to receive reports from the Monitoring Officer and assess the operation and effectiveness of the Members’ Code of Conduct;

(g)            to train Members and Co-opted Members to observe the Members’ Code of Conduct;

(h)            to assist Members and co-opted Members to observe the Members’ Code of Conduct;

(i)              to hear and determine complaints about Members and Co- Opted Members referred to it by the Monitoring Officer;

(j)              to advise the Council upon the contents of and requirements for codes/protocols/other procedures relating to standards or conduct throughout the council;

(k)            to maintain an oversight of the council’s arrangements for dealing with complaints;

(l)              to inform the Council and the Chief Executive of relevant  issues arising from the determination of Code of Conduct complaints;

(m)          to appoint the Standards Sub-Committee drawn from three members of the Committee which will exercise, on a delegated basis, the functions as set out in the Sub- Committee terms of reference. The committee should reflect Member representation where practicable;

(n)            to exercise the power to consider and grant dispensations to  Members where:

(i)       the number of Members precluded from transacting the business is so great that it would impede the business of the  Council, committee or Executive; or

(ii)     the political balance is affected to the extent that it could affect the outcome of a vote relating to the business.


Standards meetings are webcast here.


Contact information

Support officer: Katie Mogan. Tel: (07762) 892098 Email: