Agenda item

Application for Review of the Premises Licence for Wilkestock, Waterbridge, Frogmore Hill, Watton At Stone, Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14 3RR (21/0239/PLV)


The Chairman reconvened the hearing that had been adjourned on 9 July 2021. Councillor Snowdon put a question to the premises licence holder and his legal representative regarding their request to consider amending the conditions on the licence and queried whether they had a list of suggested conditions that the Sub-Committee could consider when determining the review application.


The legal representative for the premises licence holder said they did not have a specific list of conditions to give to the Sub-Committee Members but requested a short adjournment to prepare some conditions for Members to consider.


Councillor Andrews asked about the Fire risk assessment and work due to be completed with Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue. The premises licence holder said that Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue were happy with the steps currently being taken. The Sub-Committee was advised that the fire risk assessment was a work in process and advice was being taken from an ex-fire safety Officer.


Councillor Hall highlighted the matter of public safety in reference to a Care Quality Commission (CQC) report on Pro Medicus, the company that would be providing medical cover for the events due to be held at Waterbridge. He asked the Premises Licence Holder about the due diligence that had been carried out before this company had been chosen.


The events manager for the premises said that Pro Medicus had been recommended by a security company previously used and checks had been undertaken to ensure Pro Medicus was licenced by the CQC.


Councillor Hall expressed concerns that Pro Medicus did not have current and adequate auditing in place. He referred to whether there were sufficient levels of safeguarding training regarding ensuring public safety for events and this information was freely available on their website.


The applicant’s legal representative said that all safety matters would be analysed via the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) and the matter of the medical cover would be attended to. The Chairman adjourned the hearing until 11:25 am to allow the premises licence holder and his legal representative to time come back to the hearing with some suggest amendments to the annex 2 conditions for the Sub-Committee to consider when reaching a decision.


At the conclusion of this adjournment, the Sub-Committee, the Council’s solicitor and the Democratic Services Officer withdrew to a separate meeting room to allow Members to consider the evidence.


Following this, Members and Officers returned and the Chairman announced that the Licensing Sub-Committee had considered the report and all of the written and oral representations submitted by the police as the applicant, the premises licence holder and the interested parties.


The Chairman said that Members had given careful consideration to all of the options that were available to the Licensing Sub-Committee and Members had determined to revoke the licence. He said that in reaching this decision, Members have had regard to the Section 182 Guidance issued under The Licensing Act 2003 and the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy.


The Chairman reminded the premises licence holder that a formal written determination would be sent to him in 5 working days and he had a 21 day right of appeal to the magistrates’ court once the formal determination had been issued.


RESOLVED – that the premises licence for Wilkestock, Waterbridge, Frogmore Hill, Watton at Stone, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG14 3RR (21/0239/PLV), be revoked.