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Committee Membership and Political Balance of the Council 2021/22


The Head of Legal and Democratic Services presented the report and said that Council, at its annual meeting, was required to approve the decision making arrangements for the discharge of functions. In May 2019, the Council appointed Councillor Linda Haysey as Leader for the “life” of the Council until the next scheduled District Council elections in 2023. It was the responsibility of the Leader to determine the size and membership of the Executive, as well as the allocation of executive portfolio responsibilities. These remained unchanged at seven members, as well as the Leader, with the portfolios as set out in Appendix B.


The Local Government and Housing Act 1989 places a duty on the Council to review the allocation of seats on its various committees, the aim being to ensure that the political composition of those committees reflects the political representation of the Council. The percentage political balance representation of each political group on East Herts Council remains unchanged from 2020/21; however this could change after the by-election for the Bishop’s Stortford All Saints ward which takes place on 6th May 2021. Council would be notified of any amendment to its political balance after this time.


It was proposed that the Committees as set out at 2.1 be established, with the same terms of reference as last year. The proposed memberships of those committees are as set out at pages 5 to 7 of Supplementary Agenda No 1.


The Council’s calendar of meetings for 2021/22 was proposed at paragraph 5.1 of the report.


Councillor Goldspink confirmed that the Liberal Democrat group was happy to support the recommendations.


Councillor Symonds proposed and Councillor Bolton seconded, a motion that the proposals be supported. A motion to support the recommendations having been proposed and seconded, was put to the meeting and a vote taken. The motion was declared CARRIED.


RESOLVED  - that


(A)  the following Scrutiny Committees, Regulatory Committees and Joint Committee be appointed, with the number of voting Members stated:



No. of Members

Overview & Scrutiny


Audit & Governance


Development Management


Human Resources




Financial Sustainability


Chief Officer Recruitment


East Herts Council and Stevenage Borough Council Joint Revenues and Benefits Committee (3 from East Herts)


Joint CCTV Executive (3 from East Herts)



(B)  the membership and Chairman of Scrutiny Committees, Regulatory Committees, Joint Committees be as set out in Appendix A, with Members being appointed in accordance with the wishes of the political group to whom the seats on these bodies have been allocated.

(C)   the Members to the Executive (in addition to the Leader) with the portfolio responsibilities as detailed in Appendix B, be noted

(D) the programme of Council meetings, as detailed at paragraph 5.1 of the report submitted, be approved; and

(E)  the Head of Legal and Democratic Services be authorised to make changes in the standing membership of committees, joint committees and panels in (A) above, in accordance with the wishes of the political group to whom seats on these bodies have been allocated.


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