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Application for a new premises licence: Enoteca Zero, Rankin House, 8 West Street, Ware SG12 9EE


The Chairman outlined the procedure to be followed.  All those present were introduced.  The Senior Licensing and Enforcement Officer summarised the application that was received by the Licensing Authority on 2 July 2019. 


The applicant, Ms Tania Cioffi, explained that she had been operating a local restaurant for 8 years and that the wine bar was a new enterprise.  She explained why she had submitted the request to modify the times for the supply of alcohol, recorded music and late night refreshments at the wine bar.  Ms Cioffi explained that many of the conditions requested had been accepted in an effort to work together. 


Councillor C Wilson referred to the Council’s Licensing Policy in relation to sales after midnight and asked why the applicant felt it necessary to request an extension of those hours.  Ms Cioffi commented that it was important to the business to capture after dinner trade, serving premium wines and cocktails and that the music would be background music only.  She referred to other businesses in the area which had opening hours beyond that stated in the Licensing Policy.  Ms Cioffi referred to security (door staff) and dispersal arrangements following the conclusion of sales of alcohol.


Councillor N Symonds expressed concern about residents in the flats opposite in Tudor Square and nuisance which might be caused to them should the hours applied for be granted.  She asked for and was provided with a summary of what arrangements would be put in place to mitigate any possible nuisance, these included door staff, staggered dispersals and staff helping customers with taxis. 


Ms Cioffi explained that the market the Wine Bar was aimed at those who were happy to pay between £18 - £700 for a bottle of wine and that staff would be trained to watch out for, for example, . groups of patrons who might over order or who might order too quickly.  She confirmed that the business would be happy to participate in “Pub Watch”.  Ms Cioffi explained how their current premises differed from Enoteca Zero (Wine Bar). 


The applicant provided a summary of her current submissions to the Sub Committee.  At the conclusion of the closing submissions, the Sub Committee, the Local Authority’s Legal Advisor and the Democratic Services Officer withdrew to allow Members to consider the evidence. 


Following this, Members, the Local Authority’s Legal Advisor and the Chairman announced that the Sub Committee had listened to the comments of Officers and the applicant and had read all relevant representations.  Having considered the views of all parties, the decision of this Sub-Committee was to grant the licence with reduced hours, in line with the Council’s Licensing Policy 2016 as follows:


Supply of alcohol:


Monday – Thursday

10am to midnight

Friday – Saturday

10am to midnight


10am to 22:30

Christmas Eve

10am to midnight

Boxing day

10am to 2am

New Year’s Eve

10am to 2am


These same hours applied to the use of recorded music and to late night refreshment.  In line with the policy, drinking-up time will be 30 minutes at the cessation of the sale of alcohol.


RESOLVED - that the licence be granted with reduced hours (as detailed above) in line with the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy 2016.


1.          Notwithstanding the conditions    contained in the application and   the reassurances provided by the Applicants at the hearing, the Sub-Committee was mindful that the Applicants were nevertheless relatively    inexperienced in operating this type of establishment.

2.          Further, the Sub-Committee was   alert to the representations received by residents with regards their concerns     around the late finishing times applied for.


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