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Audit and Governance Committee

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Information about Audit and Governance Committee

The Audit and Governance Committee has the following functions:


(a)   assist the Council and the Executive in the             development of the annual Budget;

(b)       approving the Council’s statement of accounts;


(c)        consider the effectiveness of the council’s risk management arrangements, the control environment and associated anti-fraud and anti-corruption arrangements;


(d)       seek assurances that action is being taken on risk-related issues identified by auditors and inspectors;


(e)       be satisfied that the council’s assurance statements, including reviewing the Annual Governance Statement against the good governance framework, properly reflect the risk environment and any actions required to improve it;


(f)         approve internal audit’s strategy, its plan and monitor its performance;


(g)       approve the shared anti-fraud service strategy, its plan and monitor its performance;


(h)       review summary internal audit reports and the main issues arising and seek assurance that action has been taken where necessary;


(i)         consider the annual report of the head of internal audit;


(j)         consider the reports of external audit (including the annual audit letter) and inspection agencies, and monitor management action in response to the issues raised;


(k)       ensure that there are effective relationships between external and internal audit, inspection agencies and other relevant bodies and that the value of the audit process is actively promote;


(l)         review the financial statements, external auditor’s opinion and reports to Members, and monitor management action in response to the issues raised by external audit; and


(m)    have oversight of the council’s commercial projects


        Audit function


As an integral part of its role as the council’s audit                                 committee, undertake the following areas:


(a)       consider budget monitoring reports and risk management reports;


(b)       lead the cross Member scrutiny and consideration of the council’s draft annual budget and medium term finance strategy;


(c)        scrutinise the council’s Annual Investment Strategy, Annual Capital Strategy, Mid-Year Treasury Management Report and Annual Treasury Management Report and through review gain assurance that systems of governance and control for Treasury Management are effective;


(d)       where appropriate, assisting the Council and the Executive in the development of its budget and policy framework by in-depth analysis of financial, procurement and governance related policy issues;


(e)       review anti-fraud and corruption controls and arrangements, including the whistleblowing process


Audit and Governance meetings are webcast here.