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Licensing Committee

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Information about Licensing Committee

1.                  The LicensingCommittee (inthis Section 3 referred to as “the Committee”)may undertake orsub-delegate the council’s regulatoryfunctions relating to licensingand registration including:


(a)   the Licensing Act 2003;


(b)   the Gambling Act 2005;


(c)    the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 (as it relates to taxi licensing);


(d)   healthand safetyatwork(for non-councilofficers);


(e)   food premises;


(f)    scrap metal; and


(g)   Local Choice Functions (as specifiedin Part 3A)


unless the authority to determine the matter has been delegated to another committee or an individual officer.


2.                  The Committee may authorise a prosecution for any offence within the scope of its delegation.


3.                  Unless otherwise delegated, the Committee willhear licensing and registration appealswhichthe council is required to determine.  The Committeewillnot take the place of anyother appeals or complaints proceduresnor will it provide a general appeal mechanism for any decision ofthe council.


Please note that following a review of data protection issues, some agendas and minutes have been withdrawn from the website.  Any queries should be addressed to


Licensing meetings are webcast – details can be found here.