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Development Management Committee

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Information about Development Management Committee

1.                 The Development Management Committee (inthis Section 2 referred to as “the Committee”)  is authorised to undertake  (or sub-delegate) all  of the council’s functions relating to town and  country planning (excluding the preparation of plans and policies), development management and the protection of  hedgerows and trees, as specified  in  PartsA and  I of Schedule 1  to the Local Authorities (Functions and  Responsibilities) (England)Regulations 2000  (as amended by  subsequent regulations).

2.                 The Committee  is  also authorised  to exercise the council’s  Local  Choice Functions  in relation to the obtaining  of information under  Section 330  of the Town and  Country  Planning Act 1990 as to interests  in  land and  the obtaining of particulars of persons interested  in  land  under section 16 of the Local Government  (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 (as specified  in the table  in  Section 1 above).

3.                 In summary,  the area of responsibility of  this Committee includes  all matters relating  to the administration of town and  country  planning legislation (excluding the preparation of plans and policies), Listed  Building and  Conservation Area  legislation,  Hazardous Substances legislation  and  associated  regulations within  the purview of  the council.


Delegation of Functions


The majority  of the Committee’s functions  will be determinedby Officers, as set out  in Part 3C of the Constitution.  These delegations are subject to:


(a)             any  such determination being  consistent  with the Development Plan and  adopted District and  County   Planning Policies; and


(b)        statutory and  customary  consultations being  carried out.


Development Management Committee meetings are webcast – details can be found here -