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Review of Licensing Activity in Quarter 3 of 2020

Meeting: 10/03/2021 - Licensing Committee (Item 414)

414 Review of Licensing Activity in Quarter 3 of 2020 pdf icon PDF 147 KB

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The Service Manager for Licensing and Enforcement introduced the report and highlighted the main points to the Committee.


The Chairman thanked the Service Manager and Officers for their work. He asked about licenses for scrap metal collection and waste removal within the District and said it may be beneficial for licensed operators to have a badge to display on their vehicles in the same way that taxi drivers did.


The Service Manager said that there was a low level of this activity within the District. However, information was passed on to the police where intelligence was garnered about illegal practises or unlicensed operators. The Council did provide notices for display in operators’ windscreens, as well as a badge to prove they were licensed.


Councillor Symonds said she had been unaware of the need for operators to be licensed for waste removal and suggested that awareness was raised amongst residents about this.


The Head of Legal and Democratic Services said that there was a legal obligation on residents to ensure that any operator collecting their waste was appropriately licensed.


Councillor Crystall asked for further details on the settling of the Jungle Bar licence application by a consent order.


The Service Manager and the Chairman explained that a compromise had been struck between the Licensing Authority and the applicant, both having taken a steer from Members of the relevant Sub-Committee. All of the conditions and restrictions had remained, but the licensed hours had been slightly extended. This was agreeable to the applicant and the appeal had been withdrawn.

– that the report be received.