Register of interests

Stephen John Bosson

I, Stephen John Bosson, being a Member of Parish/Town Council named above hereby give notice of the following disclosable pecuniary interests:

1. Membership of public bodies etc.
Name of organisation
2. Your employment/business
What is your employment/business?
While the interest is specifically not for profit, I wish to make a standing declaration that I hold the office of trustee for High Cross Village Hall currently serve in the capacity of Chair for the Village Hall. The Village is located in High Cross and therefore in the Parish of Thundridge and is owned by the Charities Commission.
3. Election Expenses
Name of any person or body
4. Council contract interests
Detail any contract
5. Interest in land
Address/description of land interest
I am the joint (with my spouse) owner of property, namely, 19, North Drive, High Cross, Ware, SG11 1AR, As such, I have an interest in the road North Drive (as owned by East Herts District Council). I also have a potential interest in the outcome of any past, present or future proposal that may impact the Glebe Field (North Drive, High Cross, Ware) as it is located in close proximity to my house and could also impact on North Drive.
6. Licence to occupy land
Detail address/description
7. Business Interests
Name of person or body
8. Interest in Council owned land
Address/description of land
None in the Parish of Thundridge.