Register of interests

Alexander Curtis

I, Alexander Curtis, being a Member of Parish/Town Council named above hereby give notice of the following disclosable pecuniary interests:

1. Membership of public bodies etc.
Name of organisation
Trustee of Guideposts Trust
Trustee of the Ware Charities
2. Your employment/business
What is your employment/business?
Consultant, United Nations
3. Election Expenses
Name of any person or body
Hertford and Stortford Conservative Association
paid election expenses for Town Election
4. Council contract interests
Detail any contract
5. Interest in land
Address/description of land interest
6. Licence to occupy land
Detail address/description
7. Business Interests
Name of person or body
Directorship and ownership of Athena Metis Ltd, a holding company.
8. Interest in Council owned land
Address/description of land