Register of interests

John Stefan Burmicz

I, John Stefan Burmicz, being a Member of Parish/Town Council named above hereby give notice of the following disclosable pecuniary interests:

1. Membership of public bodies etc.
Name of organisation
2. Your employment/business
What is your employment/business?
Director of Pharma Teit Ltd
3. Election Expenses
Name of any person or body
EHDC - Annual Stipend as of 2019 (May 2nd)
4. Council contract interests
Detail any contract
5. Interest in land
Address/description of land interest
Home address: 12 Bell Mead,Sawbridgeworth Herts CM24 9ES
6. Licence to occupy land
Detail address/description
7. Business Interests
Name of person or body
100 Post Office shares
8. Interest in Council owned land
Address/description of land