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This page lists the meetings for Council.


Information about Council

The Council, comprising all 50 Members of the Council, meets on a regular basis and has overall responsibility for agreeing new policies recommended by the Executive.


Council also makes major decisions such as setting the Council Tax, adopting the policy framework and appointing the Leader of the Council. It is at Council meetings where the actions of the Executive can be questioned and debated. Reports from the Council's other committees are also received and discussed.

Council meetings (which the public are welcome to attend) also provide an opportunity for the public to raise issues of concern via Public Question Time and Petitions.


Council meetings are webcast – details can be found here - EastHertsDistrict - YouTube


Annual Council Meeting (ACM)

The Annual Council meeting is held in May each year and is where the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council are appointed for the ensuing civic year.


The Chairman and the Vice Chairman represent the Council at civic and community events, both within the district and outside. Another task of the ACM is to appoint Scrutiny and Regulatory Committee Chairmen (and Vice-Chairmen) and members to the individual committees.


It is at the ACM after an ordinary election that the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council are appointed. Members are appointed to the Executive in accordance with the wishes of the Leader. The Leader effectively serves a 4 year term of office which ends with the day of the next ordinary election of the Councillors.