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District Planning Executive Panel
Thursday 17th December, 2015 7.00 pm

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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) pdf icon PDF 189 KB

Members are asked to note that this item will include a presentation by the Planning Advisory Service.

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Further to a request made at the previous meeting, the Panel received a report detailing information regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and how it would relate to the existing Section 106 charging regime. 


The Panel noted that the CIL had been introduced by the Government in 2010 and was essentially a ‘development tax’ that allowed local planning authorities to seek non-negotiable payments for infrastructure based on a charge per square metre of floorspace.


CIL payments did not need to be spent on site specific infrastructure, and instead, could contribute towards the cost of providing larger, strategic infrastructure projects.  CIL was not mandatory, and was the responsibility of individual local planning authorities to decide whether or not to implement it in their area.  At present, many authorities in England and Wales have not yet adopted CIL.


Graham Jones, Planning Advisory Service (PAS), gave a presentation and answered Members’ questions on:


·         the impact on section 106 obligations;

·         exemptions from CIL such as “starter homes”; and

·         the need for the CIL charging regime to strike the right balance to ensure viability.


The Panel Chairman advised that a training session for Members would be arranged to better understand the issues before any decision on whether to adopt CIL was taken.  It was also suggested that further analysis of CIL issues be undertaken, using additional resources if required.  This was supported by the Panel.


The Panel Chairman thanked Graham Jones for his presentation.


The Panel supported the recommendations now detailed.


RECOMMENDED – that (A) the information contained in the report on the Community Infrastructure Levy be noted; and


(B)      further analysis of CIL issues be undertaken, using additional resources if required.


Interim Village Hierarchy Study (December 2015) pdf icon PDF 194 KB

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The Panel considered a report on the Interim Village Hierarchy Study.  The Panel recalled that Stage 1 of the Village Hierarchy Study had been considered at its meeting held on 10 September 2015.  The Stage 1 Study had ranked the villages of East Herts in terms of their sustainability by assessing access to service and facilities and public transport provision.  The Study had also stated that further work would be required before a final village hierarchy could be identified. 


The Panel noted that further consultation with Parish Councils was being carried out and that, when complete, the final village hierarchy would inform the rural strategy contained within the emerging District Plan.


Officers referred to a supplementary paper which had been tabled at the meeting which provided the latest update and responded to comments received as part of the consultation.


Various Members commented and asked questions in relation to specific villages, some of which had been raised by parish councils.  Members were encouraged to refer any comments they had received to Officers for a response to be made.  Officers emphasised that the Study had yet to be completed and that consultations were ongoing.


The Panel supported the recommendation now detailed.


RECOMMENDED – that the Interim Village Hierarchy Study be noted, with a decision on the final Study deferred until further consultation with relevant Parish Councils has taken place.


Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) 2014/15 pdf icon PDF 312 KB

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The Panel gave consideration to a report seeking approval for the publication of the Authority Monitoring Report (AMR).  Local planning authorities were required to publish information, at least annually, that showed progress with Local Plan preparation, reported any activity relating to the duty to cooperate and showed how the implementation of policies in the Local Plan was progressing.  This would enable communities and interested parties to be aware of progress that was being made.  Local planning authorities could also use the AMR to provide up-to-date information on the implementation of any neighbourhood plans that had been made.


Officers confirmed that the AMR provided a snapshot as at 31 March 2015 and that, when considering planning applications, the Council would always consider the most up to date position.


The Panel supported the recommendation now detailed.


RECOMMENDED – that the Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) 2014/2015 contained at Essential Reference Paper ‘B’ and ‘C’ to the report submitted, be agreed for publication.


Chairman's Announcements

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The Panel Chairman welcomed Members and the public to the meeting and reminded them that the meeting was being webcast.  She also welcomed Graham Jones, Planning Advisory Service, who would be giving a presentation in respect of Minute 15 - Community Infrastructure Levy.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 123 KB

To approve the Minutes of the meeting of the Panel held on 22 October 2015 as a correct record.

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RESOLVED – that the Minutes of the meeting held on 22 October 2015, be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Dates of Future Meetings

To note that future meetings have been scheduled provisionally for:


25 February 2016, 7 April 2016, 28 April 2016

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RESOLVED – that the provisional dates of future meetings in 2016 be noted:


25 February

7 April

28 April