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Human Resources and Payroll Team Update

Meeting: 16/02/2021 - Human Resources Committee (Item 368)

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The Head of HR and OD briefly introduced the report and thanked the HR Officer for her excellent work on the wellbeing survey. HR were proud of the results of the in-house survey. Work was still to be done on the performance development scheme, as highlighted by the survey.


The Chairman thanked Officers for their work and listed a number of areas of the survey response which were very positive, as well as an encouraging response rate, despite the timing of the survey around the festive period.


Councillor Alder asked about the redeployment of Council staff to the NHS to assist with the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Head of HR and OD said that the Council had volunteered staff in 9 of the 11 areas in which the NHS had requested assistance. Only one member of staff had been deployed, mainly because the pressure on the NHS had reduced and it had then been able to recruit rather than rely on interim staff. The staff member had excelled in her role. She had also been paid her normal wage, which would be reimbursed to the Council by the NHS, as well as becoming a higher priority for the COVID-19 vaccine.


The Chairman asked about the progress of agile working and further redevelopments of policies.


The Head of HR and OD said the move towards agile working was split into three areas: consideration of site/ office space, development and provision of the necessary technology, and the development of an agile working policy. Steady progress was being made in all areas. Five further policies would be redeveloped, but would again need to go through the extensive scrutiny process. This was also being balanced with ongoing work on the HR Strategy – which would hopefully be presented at the May or September meetings of the Committee – as well as other commitments.


Councillor Alder asked about the nine staff whose response indicated they did not understand the priorities and objectives of the Council. The Head of HR and OD said overall there was a positive and encouraging response to this question. However, as the survey was not anonymous this year, these responses could be followed up and the situation rectified.


The Chairman placed on record the Committee’s congratulations and thanks to the Payroll Manager for her 40 years of service.


RESOLVED – that the report be noted.