Meeting documents

Standards Committee
Tuesday 11th August, 2009

Agenda and Minutes

1. Apologies

To receive apologies for absence.

2. Chairman's Announcements

3. Declarations of Interest

4. Minutes

To confirm the Minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on word icon 1 April 2009 [80kb].

5. word icon Standards Committee(Further Provisions) (England) Regulations 2009 [63kb]pdf icon Appendix A5 [561kb]pdf icon Appendix B5 [81kb]

6. word icon Other Action Guidance [48kb]pdf icon Appendix A6 [291kb]

7. word icon Draft 2008/09 Annual Governance Statement [56kb]word icon Appendix 7A [184kb]

8. word icon Anti-fraud and anti-corruption strategy and disclosure (Whistleblowing) Code [71kb]word icon Appendix A8 [76kb]

9. Urgent Business

To consider such other business as, in the opinion of the Chairman of the meeting, is of sufficient urgency to warrant consideration and is not likely to involve the disclosure of exempt information.