Committee details

Performance, Audit and Governance Oversight Committee

Purpose of committee

The Performance, Audit and Governance Oversight Committee monitors the budget and oversees the performance of the Council’s services by considering a range of information such as

performance indicators, inspection reports and action plan monitoring.  It approves the Council’s Statement of Accounts and is also the Council’s audit committee.  This committee also carries out treasury management functions.


The terms of reference of the Performance, Audit, Governance

and Oversight Scrutiny Committee are that it will:


(i) assist the Council and the Executive in the development of

the annual budget;


(ii) act as the Council’s Audit Committee;


(iii) consider means of improving and promoting the

performance management and audit functions of the



(iv) promote and maintain the Ethical Standards Framework; and

(v) make recommendations taking into account the advice of

the Monitoring Officer of periodic amendments and

updating of the Council’s Constitution.


Contact information

Support officer: Peter Mannings. Tel: (01279) 502174 Email: