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Human Resources Management Statistics - Quarterly Report October - December 2016


The Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development submitted a report setting out management statistics for the period October to December 2016.  The Human Resources Officer provided a summary of the report, highlighting key areas.  She drew Members’ attention to the additional sheet tabled, which analysed employee data by gender and grade which had been previously requested by Members.


The Chairman referred to the “Voluntary Leavers, Other Category” and asked Officers to ensure that this was followed up on.  He sought and was provided with clarification on the targets set and achieved for people with disabilities and referred to the differentials between the Council’s employment of people with disabilities and BAME (Black, Asian, Minority, and Ethnic) Groups with those achieved by Hertfordshire County Council. 


The Human Resources Officer explained that she believed that outturn was higher for those groups.  She stated that it was anticipated that the new HR and Payroll software would be able to capture more relevant information following a data refresh.  The Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development explained that a diversity review was currently underway and had been reported to the Leadership Team on 16 January 2017.  She explained the actions the Council had undertaken to encourage applications from all backgrounds.


The Chairman queried the turnover figure.  The Head explained that she was not surprised by the level of turnover as four services had been restructured  and that another service restructure was planned in the year.  Councillor S Bull sought and was provided with clarification on the number of vacant posts. 


Councillor P Ruffles queried the additional information tabled which set out employee data by gender and grade.  Members noted the fact that 79% of the workforce were women and that 88% of them were employed on grade 4 but that only 12% of men were on that grade.  Councillor M Stevenson queried the disparity.


Councillor J Goodeve welcomed the use of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Easy Web to advertise vacant posts.


Members sought and were provided with clarification regarding the Learning and Development Programme.  The Head explained that employee attendance was generated mainly following a need identified during the Personal Development Review (PDR) process. 


The Chairman referred to low attendance figures in relation to the recruitment and interview skills course.  He referred to the Dementia Friends Course and asked for an update in terms of highlighting this course to all.  Councillor P Ballam was keen to ensure that staff in direct contact with the public, were aware of courses on the “Action on Hearing Loss”.  The Head suggested that it might be useful to have a consolidated figure setting out how many had attended courses and from which section for the year as the data shown was just for this quarter.  This was supported.


Councillor S Cousins raised the issue of Diabetes and following queries on a number of related matters, advised Members that progress was being made and that he would be liaising with the Scrutiny Officer.


Although not part of the report, Councillor P Ruffles raised the issue of car usage and parking.  He asked that the Council’s role as a “good neighbour” be highlighted in terms of what actions the Council had undertaken in terms of encouraging car sharing to minimise car use.   The inclusion of changes in work practices such as working from home was suggested by Councillor M Stevenson.  The Head stated that she would speak with communications on this issue.


The Committee approved the report, as now detailed.


RESOLVED – that the Human Management Statistics for October to December 2016, as now submitted, be approved.

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