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Archaeological Excavation - to note contract waiver

Meeting: 07/07/2020 - Executive (Item 66)

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Councillor Buckmaster, the Executive Member for Wellbeing, submitted a report advising the Executive of the increased contract value of the contract exemption in place for archaeological works at Grange Paddocks Leisure Centre (GPLC).


Councillor Buckmaster said additional excavation work had been necessary due to the discovery of a significant number of Roman artefacts, the volume of which had not been foreseen.  In order to avoid delay and in the interests of achieving value for money, the additional work had been arranged outside the Council’s usual tendering process. However, five quotations had been sought to ensure the cost represented good value for money.


Councillor Buckmaster said more time on site had been needed due to the discoveries, and therefore the price of the contract exception previously noted by the Executive had risen from £82,417 to £264,683.  Whilst this was an increase, the excavation work had now concluded.  He said that no further delays were foreseen and the cost was accounted for in the overall budget for GPLC.  The original contract exemption had been noted at the Executive meeting of 8 October 2019.  The costs were accounted for in the budget for this project, and there was no further impact. The report asked Members to note the further increase. 


The Leader said the project was progressing well.  It was encouraging to see that the excavation period had concluded and that construction had begun.


Councillor Goldspink said the increase in the contract exception was enormous.  She asked whether it was correct that the Executive had previously given approval for the Chief Executive Officer of the Council to increase spending without first reporting back, as she could not recall this.  She asked how the increased costs would affect the overall project.


Councillor Buckmaster said this process had been discussed and approved by the Executive in October 2019.  These costs would not impact the cost of the project overall, and the increase still fell within the total allotted budget.  The work had now been completed in any case, and the report was solely for noting.


The report was noted by the Executive.


RESOLVED – that the report be noted.