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Waste Management

Meeting: 05/11/2019 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 215)

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The Head of Operations submitted a report providing an overview of the Waste Management Service in East Herts over the past year.  The report also provided comparative data of nearest neighbours in respect of missed bin collections and recycling rates.


The Head of Operations introduced and welcomed the Joint Waste Services Manager and the Urbaser Contract Manager to the meeting.  She reminded Members that the Joint Waste Services Contract had commenced in early May 2018.  Members were advised of the layers of governance within the Waste Management Service, which included monthly performance management regime meetings.


The Head of Operations said that the performance indicators underpinned the performance regime.  She commented on a number of performance indicators including the indicator in respect of missed bin collections.  Members were advised that Officers were satisfied with the performance of Urbaser in East Herts and in particular, the rate of 30 missed bins per 100,000 collections was very good.


The Head of Operations commented on the recycling rate of 50% and the relevant European Union (EU) target.  She said that an option in future was to reduce bin size from 240 litres to encourage an increase in the recycling rate across the District.


Councillor K Crofton commented on failed bin collection rates when collection days had changed with the new contract.  The Head of Operations said that data available could be manipulated with the system available to Officers.  She referred to the impacts of extreme weather, both hot and cold, on the bin collection process.


In response to a query from Councillor J Frecknall, the Head of Operations stated a percentage lead performance regime would allow a more thorough and effective measure of performance management.


The Head of Operations clarified to Councillor M Goldspink that the 17 complaints received to date about bins/waste amounted to 40% of the 42 complaints received across all services in 2019/20.  Councillor S Bell commented on the performance of Three Rivers in respect of refuse collections and recycling.


The Joint Waste Services Manager confirmed that Officers were talking to Council partners.  He said that Three Rivers used smaller 140 litre bins and Officers were talking to this Council and others in order to share best practice.  Councillor K Crofton moved and Councillor I Devonshire seconded, a motion that the recommendation for the noting of the update report, be supported.


RESOLVED – that the update report be noted.